The Big Wave Awards Wipeout, Surfline Overall Performance and Women's Best Performance nominees are in and they are nothing short of legendary.

Big Wave Awards Official Trailer
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Wipeout Nominees

  • Scott Dennis (Bawley Point, New South Wales, Australia) at Remote Australia on August 5, 2014. (Video by Tyge Landa.)
  • Marcio Freire (Bahia, Brazil) at Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 21, 2015. (Video by Dan Norkunas.)
  • Billy Kemper (Haiku, Hawaii, USA) at Puerto Escondido, Mexico on July 5, 2014. (Video by Daniel Nava.)
  • Jamie Mitchell and Chapman Murphey (Gold Coast, Australia and San Diego, California, USA respectively) at Maverick's, California on December 20, 2014. (Video by Alexey Orlov.)
  • Benjamin Sanchis (Hossegor, France) at Nazarรฉ, Portugal on December 11, 2014. (Video by Michael Darrigade.)
Surfline Overall Performance Nominees
See all the best performance nominees in one place.

Surfline Overall Performance Nominees

Women's Best Performance Nominees
Don't miss the season's five best female superchargers.

Women's Best Performance Nominees

The Big Wave Award nominations for the Billabong Ride of the Year, Paddle, XXL Biggest Wave and Tube categories recently released and the nominees are beyond worthy.

The Big Wave Awards will be broadcast LIVE on the World Surf League homepage May 1, 2015.

Don't miss all the other incredible nominations and see how much is at stake with Big Wave Awards 101.

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