The subjects of this week's Making Waves aren't your typical movie stars -- but they definitely have potential. Trending this week were three different kinds of videos: A teen with more talent than you, a wave that could kill you and a special treat from Australia.


Curren's 10, Occy's Loss
Tom Curren (USA) pulled out all the stops during the inaugural Heritage Series heat, in a matchup against Mark Occhilupo (AUS). His performance earned him a perfect score at the spot that he helped put on the map, and increased his lead over Occy, his longtime rival.

The creatives at Braun are having a little fun with Mark Occhilupo (AUS). In a commercial for electric razors, the company crafted a hilarious spoof based on Occy's Heritage Series loss to Tom Curren at last year's elite Tour event in South Africa. With the J-Bay Open on deck, could the Raging Bull return?

Here's a snippet from this Aussie TV gem:

- WSL screenshot 1

Joel Parkinson: He told me, like, face to face, he wants to get back into it. 'I'm gonna train. I'm gonna surf. I'm gonna spend every moment in the water.' Now it's got to a point where he won't leave the water.
Voiceover: With Occy routinely refusing to leave the ocean, his fellow surfers are growing increasingly concerned.
Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew: He has not been out of the water in months. He's grown gills.

Watch the video here.


ROTY Nominee: Dean Morrison
Australian Dean Morrison takes on The Right for a Billabong Ride of the Year nomination filmed by Tim Bonython.

A huge swell is brewing in Southwest Australia and Bali, according to Surfline. The storm had surfers from around the globe booking flights to test their mettle. The promise of a ride-of-a-lifetime even hooked Championship Tour (CT) surfer Jeremy Flores (FRA), who suffered serious facial lacerations after wiping out there. Stay tuned for what is expected to be a deluge of Big Wave Awards submissions. A number of Big Wave Award submissions from the 2014/2015 season came from The Right, including the third runner-up for Ride of the Year, above.


redirect screenshot Image from The Wild, a surf short featuring Noah Beschen shot by Aaron Lieber with a RED Epic Dragon. - WSL

A new competition co-sponsored by Surfer and RED launched this week with four short films. REDirect, as described on, is "a celebration of surf filmmaking and a nod to the technology being used these days to document surfing like never before." The contest's first clips feature free spirits John John Florence (HAW), Noah Beschen (HAW), Chad Jackson (USA) and Cliff Kapono (HAW) as well as El Segundo, Calif. surfer/shaper Tyler Hatzikian.

One of the more popular clips so far is Beschen's The Wild. The grom lives up to the family name and pros, fans and even Papa Shane were all over it. Watch the video at

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