- WSL / ANFA Place

The newly added Royal Moroccan Surfing Federation presents Quiksilver Pro Casablanca at Anfaplace, a men's QS 1,500 event to be held from September 8 - 12, will be co-sanctioned by the African and European offices of the World Surf League.

Geographically a neighbor to Europe's mainland, Morocco is part of the African continent and the decision was made to bring the two regions together to develop this historic WSL event.

"For WSL Africa this is a big event in terms of our first rated QS event outside of South Africa," Colin Fitch, WSL Africa's General Manager stated. "Going forward we hope we can work together on more events between our two regions. This is World Surf League history in the making. Africa has some fantastic uncharted surf spots just waiting to host some international rated WSL events. With our close relationship with the European team, I am positive that this is the start of good things to come."

The co-sanctionning of this event will ensure surfers from both regions will collect ranking points towards their regional title races, and in turn have a shot at a wildcard in all major events the following season.

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