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A massive swell event hit Tahiti on July 22 and some of the best big wave chargers arrived just in time to hurl themselves into one of the heaviest waves on the planet. The swell serves as a precursor for Stop No. 7 of the Championship Tour the Billabong Pro Tahiti beginning August 14.

Last year's event saw some of the heaviest waves in competition history, with standout performances from Owen Wright (AUS), John John Florence (HAW) and Kelly Slater (USA). Wright's willingness to send himself over the ledge earned him the A.I. Most Committed Award, while Florence and Slater's commitment in Semifinal 2 earned them the Heat of the Year award.

See the latest photos and videos from the most recent swell at Tahiti's Teahupo'o below.

Porcella's Tight Knit Tube Time
Niccolo Porcella slides into a cavern at Teahupo'o and hits eject. Video by The Go Big Project.
Teixeira Tests Skills in Tahiti
Pato Teixeira pulls into a barrel and does his best to hang on tight. Video by The Go Big Project.
Tahitian's Monster Paddle-In
On a day when most are using tow ropes, Matehau Tetopata makes a successful paddle-in at Teahupo'o.

Coco Nogales (MEX) has already locked in a few submissions for the 2016 Big Wave Awards and arrived in Tahiti in time to potentially earn a few more.

Nogales' Tahitian Tumble
Coco Nogales takes a serious tumble in Tahiti. Video by The Go Big Project.
Porcella's Painful Wipeout in Tahiti
Niccolo Porcella commits to a serious wave at Teahupo'o and suffers its wrath. Video by The Go Big Project.

Tahitian Matahi Drollet is fresh off his first win at the 2015 Big Wave Awards for a tube he scored at Teahupo'o last year. At 17-years-old he looks to be on the hunt for his second award.

Tahitian Teen Takes On Massive Teahupo'o
Matahi Drollet commits on a massive tow-in tube at Teahupo'o. Video by The Go Big Project.
Looking Down On Tahiti's Ledge
Check out a unique perspective on Teahupo'o from a drone view.

See some of the latest still photography from this current swell below.

Niccolo Porcella having a look at Teahupo'o on July 22, 2015.
- WSL / Mahdjouba Karim
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Niccolo Porcella having a look at Teahupo'o on July 22, 2015.
- WSL / Mahdjouba Karim
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Don't miss the most dangerous stop on Tour, the Billabong Pro Tahiti, webcast LIVE on the World Surf League homepage and WSL App beginning August 14.

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