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Wildcard Ian Crane knows this break better than most. Get a peek at his San Clemente life ahead of the Hurley Pro, where he'll face the world's best.

San Clemente surfer Ian Crane (USA) scored the second wildcard spot in the Hurley Pro at Trestles after winning the locals division of the Hurley Trials. But this won't the first time Crane will battle the world's best: He was first exposed to elite-level competition at the 2013 Hurley Pro, where he (understandably) fell to Joel Parkinson (AUS) in Round 2.

While Crane may not have the competitive track record of his fellow CT competitors, he's spent more time than most at the Lower Trestles, the iconic venue for the contest, where fighting for a wave can be as difficult as fighting for a heat win.

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One week before competition kicks off, Crane recounts his local routine as he prepares to make a run at victory in his backyard.

Super Freak - Ian Crane 2 Cup of joe and a freakish kind of funk to wake up in the morning. - WSL

I am currently in...San Clemente, Calif.
I woke up at...7 a.m. in my bed.
The first thing I did was...pour a cup of coffee and put on Rick James -- "Super Freak."
I called...Tanner Rozunko and we discussed...Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But mostly about how the waves are down at Lowers.
For lunch I had...A peanut butter and banana milkshake, some grapes and a few cookies.

Anti-Gym Ian Crane Crane and friends get fit in the anti-gym. - WSL

In the afternoon...I surfed Lowers and it was the warmest I've ever felt the water at home. I paddled out in trunks and a wetsuit top and after my first wave I was too hot and had to go in and take off my top. Today was the first time I've ever just worn trunks out at Lowers, felt like a surf trip at home!
Training consisted of...a work out with my friend Matt "Master Snorkeler" Smith at Foundation Fitness in San Clemente.
Today I had to...Go to WHAT YOUTH to pick up clips from them for a new video I'm making.

What Youth - Ian Crane Ramping up for Lowers at What Youth. - WSL

I wish that...I had 1 million dollars.
One thing I'm missing...Is a car.
The funniest thing I saw was...a photo of my friend Balaram Stack's new hair-do.
Before I went to bed I made sure to...brush my teeth.
Tomorrow, I'm going to...go surfing.

Don't miss Crane along with Hurley division wildcard winner and recent Vans US Open champ Hiroto Ohhara (JPN) in challenging the world's best at the Hurley Pro at Trestles beginning September 9 LIVE on the World Surf League and WSL App.

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