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Seal Beach Shines

Seal Beach is low on the list of surgical strike destinations, which is how the locals prefer it. But even when these same locals are bold enough to brag about their good fortune it's rarely believed. That may change after last week, as the thumping teepees tempted a ton of out-of-towners, including Kolohe Andino. They were each welcomed with at least one good thumping too.

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Prices Plummeting on some Malibu Mansions

The coastal highway through Malibu may just be one of the looniest places to buy a house. On one side of the road are sliding cliffs that regularly tumble into driveways below. On the other, the largest ocean in the universe, which, if you believe the internet, is rising. Knowing that, do these ticking time bombs seem like a wise investment? Welcome to El Niño.

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Cave Dwelling at Sandspit

Sure, Kelly Slater just turned the world upside down with his artificial wave, but lest we forget the Army Corp of Engineers created one of the best man-made waves on the planet without even trying more than 40 years ago in Santa Barbara. Behold the perfection.

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The Queen Lives

Nobody longs for winter more than wave-starved Santa Barbara surfers. And the queen of the coast gets all dressed up to celebrate El Niño. Josh Kerr, Dane Reynolds, Oliver Kurtz and Cory Arrambide are among those dancing with her, and playing around in the neighboring beachbreaks as well.

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Dude, That's Dane Reynolds You're Dropping In On

Instagram didn't exist during the last El Niño. Fact is, in 1998/99 it took a lot longer for people to confirm where waves were firing. Today, Instacrowds are a fact of life. This doesn't always bode well for #DaneReynolds.

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Garrett McNamara's Season Ender

Naturally, it wouldn't be El Niño without some scary moments, and we should expect plenty of them at Maverick's. Unfortunately for Garrett McNamara, Mav's got the upper hand. The big wave charger from Hawaii suffered one of the ugliest wipeouts in recent memory on a massive wave. The result was a trip to the hospital, some shoulder surgery, and a seat on the sand for the rest of the season. (Get better Garrett!)

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