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11 Revealing Rip Curl Pro Stats

It's never too early to start combing through the random data emerging out of the CT tour to see what, if any, surprising stats or facts are being revealed about the new season. To that end we compiled a short hit-list worth digesting.

0: Matty Wilkinson's total number of CT wins before 2016.

Matt Wilkinson on his way to winning his Round 1 heat. Matt Wilkinson WSL / Ed Sloane

1: Total number of CT heat wins Kelly Slater has so far in 2016

Kelly Slater exits Round 3 defeated. Kelly Slater WSL / Ed Sloane

2: Amount of times Italo Ferreira scored heat-winners with under two minutes to go at Bells.

Italo Ferreira winning his Round 4 heat at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. Italo Ferreira WSL / Kelly Cestari

3: Number of 9-point rides Carissa Moore earned during her quarterfinal victory over Stephanie Gilmore.

Carissa Moore was eliminated in the Semifinals. Carissa Moore WSL / Ed Sloane

4: Number of excellent range scores Sally Fitzgibbons racked up at Bells.

Sally Fitzgibbons loves her fans, and they love her back. Sally Fitzgibbons WSL / Kelly Cestari

5: Number of years event standouts Caio Ibelli and Alessa Quizon have been an item.

Thrill of Victory Caio Ibelli and Alessa Quizon WSL / Ed Sloane

6: Total number of Finals appearances Mick Fanning has made at Bells.

Mick Fanning during his Round 4 heat against Jordy Smith and Conner Coffin. Mick Fanning WSL / Ed Sloane

7: Percentage of WSL Fantasy Surfing players who owned quarterfinalist Michel Bourez.

Michel Bourez was dominant in Round Two, posting one of the highest single-wave scores of the day. Michel Bourez WSL / Kelly Cestari

8: Average wave score during the Conner Coffin vs. Mick Fanning quarterfinal match (8.27).

Conner Coffin during Round 4. Conner Coffin WSL / Ed Sloane

9: The QS rank of quarterfinalist Conner Coffin in 2015

Conner Coffin congratulated by his folks after winning his Round 4 heat. Coffin family WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

10: Reigning world champ Adriano de Souza's current ranking after Bells.

Adriano de Souza freesurfing at Bells Beach. Adriano de Souza WSL / Kelly Cestari
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