- WSL / Nate Lawrence
- WSL / Nate Lawrence
Mega Semadhi getting the tube of his life during the Rip Curl event at Padang Padang.

In an event dominated by the international invitees, Mega Semadhi was the lone local Indonesian surfer to reach the Final of the 2016 Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang. And when it was all over, it was Mega who came out on top, claiming his second win at the event.

Mega Semadhi is the 2016 Rip Curl Cup champion. 'From my point of view, there is no local,' Mega said after his win. 'We are all locals of this universe and today we are all locals at Padang Padang.' - WSL / Nate Lawrence

Semadhi beat out Mason Ho, Damien Hobgood and Clay Marzo along the way. He started out slow, but eventually found his rhythm and managed to survive the opening rounds. Semadhi went on to win his Semifinal heat with a perfect 10 (the highest heat total of the round). In the Final, he won the heat with a 9 and sealed the deal with another perfect 10, shutting out Hobgood's shot at the win. In the end, Mega was hoisted to victory in front of a cheering crowd, followed by Hobgood in second place, Ho in third and Marzo in fourth.

Hawaiian Bruce Irons, scoring a perfect 10.

"My first heat I was really nervous and was really sloppy," said Mega, who last won the Rip Curl Cup in 2013. "I was going on small waves, bad waves and whitewash. Luckily I got my head together and got through and was able to get into a rhythm the rest of the contest."

Mega Semadhi's perfect 10 during the Final at 2016 Rip Curl Cup. Despite a stacked field of international competitors, it was the local hero who came out on top. Above: Mega, in his element. - WSL / Nate Lawrence

At the outset, international invitees Hobgood, Marzo and Ho looked like the surfers to beat. Hobgood dominated the opening rounds, winning both his Round 1 and 2 heats, posting the highest heat total. Ho meanwhile capped off multiple deep backhand drainers with skate-inspired aerials on the end section.

"This is one of the best contests in the world," Ho said, "right beside the Pipe Masters and The Eddie. I wish I had the words to describe how much fun that was."

Damien Hobgood at 2016 Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang. Damien Hobgood scored some of the best barrels of the day, but it wasn't enough to get past Mega in the Final. - WSL / Nate Lawrence

The day saw four perfect 10 barrels, including an impossibly deep and long disappearing act by Irons in Round 2, another perfect 10 by Brazilian Paulo Moura, and five 9-plus-point barrels from Marzo.

But despite those impressive performances, it was the local surfer who once again kept the Cup in Bali, to the delight of the Padang Padang locals. From her spot on the awards podium, Mega's mother led the crowd in a spirited rendition of the Indonesian national anthem. For Mega, however, the victory wasn't about country per se, but about celebrating his beloved Padang Padang.

Mason Ho entertained on his way to finishing in third place.

"I'm so happy to win at my home break again," Mega said. "From my point of view, there is no local. We are all locals of this universe and today we are all locals at Padang Padang."

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