- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

WSL Europe Qualifying Series Official forecaster magicseaweed.com has just released the following forecast for the Pro Anglet coming up this week from August 24-28.

Forecast Anglet MSW The first few days offer great conditions for the Pro Anglet - WSL / MagicSeaWeed.com

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.


A large low pressure system stalling to the west of Ireland delivers two pulses of swell in the small to mid sized range with mostly good local winds and hot weather before a weekend of fading swell and possibly onshore breezes.

Wednesday 24th August

Fading first pulse of swell, waves in the waist + size range with clear skies and hot weather meaning likely morning offshores and afternoon sea breezes.

Low pressure system moves north with Wednesday seeing the remnants of the first pulse.

Thursday 25th August

New pulse fills in with waves in the head high range by the afternoon, but increasing onshore sea breeze as the day progresses.

As the low pressure system stalls west of Ireland it sends a second pulse of slightly more refined NW swell in the mid sized range normally so well received by the beaches here. Another hot day combined with a small local low pressure system could bring some onshore sea breezes as the afternoon progresses, with fresh onshores by the evening.

Friday 26th August

On paper the best day of the window at the moment. Swell remains in the chest to head range with light local winds in the morning, although some left over wind chop from an overnight breeze possible.

This pulse is slowly fading during the day with the most consistent waves in the chest to head region at the start of the day with offshore winds likely first thing, before the hot weather brings an afternoon sea breeze later in the day.

Sat. 27th - Sun 28th August

Fading swell starting in the chest plus range and dropping to waist high by Sunday with the possibility of light but disruptive onshore breezes worse in the afternoons.

With no more storm activity on the outlook we've got a weekend of fading swell, still in a contestable size range on Saturday particularly, but with the possibility of more disruptive winds. Of course as we move this far forward in the outlook there's more possibility of change.

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