Kelly Slater dropped another edit from his KSWaveCo surf ranch over the weekend, this time taking his GoPro into the tube for a series of look-backs dedicated to getting his dear old mom barreled.

Once again, the superlatives to describe its utter perfection still fall disappointedly short. Staggering? Stunning? Salacious? Silly? After 216k views on Instagram alone, there's no shortage of interest out in Social Medialand.

Looking out. Fine tuning equipment is much more fun these days for Slater. - WSL

While Mother Nature will always own our hearts, it's impossible to ignore just how freakin' fun this wave looks. On a dead glass day, the lip is so perfectly sculpted it looks like a video game; the line between virtual reality and being there blurs into the surreal.

What's next for Kelly's wave park remains to be seen, but clearly this thing is evolving. Every time he drops a teaser he sinks the hook a little bit deeper into the collective cheek of fascinated surf fans around the globe.

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