- WSL / Maga Villalobos
- WSL / Maga Villalobos

The World Surf League is proud to announce that the City of San Bartolo will be hosting two important QS events in Peru. The Rip Curl Pro San Bartolo Peru Men's QS 1,000 and the Jeep Pro San Bartolo Peru Women's QS 1,000 will bring together over 100 athletes from around the world to battle it our for crucial WSL Qualifying Series ranking points at the rippable righthand jetty.

Miguel Tudela - Powerade Pro Peru 2012 Miguel Tudela - Powerade Pro Peru 2012 - WSL / Susu Nasser

The host nation of Peru has high expectations as they have some of the best athletes in the WSL South America Region such as Miguel Tudela and Juninho Urcia in the Men's division and the help of Melanie Giunta and Anali Gomez in the Women's division. They're psyched to be representing their country at such a prestigious event and hope to take home the title in front of their supportive fans.

"It's an incredible honor to be participating in this event since it is unprecedented for Peru to be hosting two contests at the same time at the same beach," said Javier Reategui, General Manager for Entertainment Producciones. "I'd like to give a huge thanks to all of the sponsors that have given their trust and support year after year. Without them, we wouldn't be able to put together such high quality contests in Peru."

Finalists - Powerade Pro Peru 2012 Finalists - Powerade Pro Peru 2012 - WSL / Susu Nasser

Sergio Gadelha, WSL South America Head Judge had this to say:

I've got great expectations for this event. I really hope that with the return of these events to Peru, with its excellent waves and surfers, this begins a new era in the evolution of the sport of surfing in the country and throughout South America. Peru today is a force in global surfing. The surfers, promoters and event staff are all diligently working together with WSL South America to promote events throughout the region. On behalf of the entire event staff, I'm sure we'll do everything possible to carry out a successful event.

For the combined event, the men's division will distribute U$ 7,500 in prize money, while the women's event will be handing out a total of U$ 3,750. For both contests, the event winners will earn 1,000 ranking points valid for the WSL Qualifying Series as well as the WSL South America Regional Series. Each WSL Regional Champion will earn the right to compete as a wildcard in all of the QS 10,000 and QS 6,000 events in 2018.

Silvana Lima - Rip Curl Women's Pro San Bartolo 2014 Silvana Lima - Rip Curl Women's Pro San Bartolo 2014 - WSL / Maga Villalobos

In additional to the high level of surfing in the water, the events will also provide live music, an autograph session with the top athletes, as well as sponsored activities presented by Jeep Renegade.

This innovative event was made possible with the support of Jeep and Rip Curl, who have been participating in national and international surfing events for the past 10 years. They are pioneering brands that have helped promote the ancient Hawaiian sport in Peru. The official sponsor drink for the event is Powerade.

Rip Curl Women's Pro San Bartolo 2014 Finalists - Rip Curl Women's Pro San Bartolo 2014 - WSL / Maga Villalobos
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