For the second time in as many days tragic news is rocking the surfing world. Early Sunday morning, hours after learning of Jean da Silva's death, Puerto Escondido's legendary big-wave star Oscar Moncada passed away due to injuries suffered in a fatal car crash near his home.

Oscar Moncada of Mexico wins heat 4 round one of the 2017 wsl puerto escondido challenge Moncada had been a standout performer at Puerto Escondido since his teenage years. - WSL / Edwin Morales

According to a Surfline report from Mexico Oscar was driving two companions, Diego Oropeza and Waldo Rendón, when they collided with a truck on the highway near Puerto Escondido. Diego and Waldo were killed in the crash. Oscar and the truck driver were taken to hospital, where Oscar later passed away. There's no further news about the truck driver.

Moncada has been a pillar of the Puerto Escondido surfing community for more than two decades. The 34-year-old was always there with one of the warmest smiles on the beach, and was a perennial standout whenever things got serious, but was accomplished in all conditions. In 2006 he won the trials of the Rip Curl Pro Search event in Mainland Mexico, earning him a wildcard spot in the Championship Tour event.

Oscar Moncada during the 2017 WSL Puerto Escondido Challenge Oscar Moncada during a post-heat interview at the Puerto Escondido challenge in July. - WSL / Mariana Villela

In the years since, his big-wave exploits have kept him in the spotlight. He finished with a 9th place result in the Puerto Escondido Challenge in July, which put him at No. 19 on the Big Wave Tour.

The news has devastated the already rattled surf community. Hours earlier Moncada himself had posted a touching tribute to Jean da Silva on his own Instagram. Now the surfing world is flooding social media again with tributes to him.

"There's not much left for us today aside from grief," Sophie Goldschmidt, WSL CEO, said. "Oscar was not only a member of the WSL Big Wave family, but also a well-loved talent within the Central American surf community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those we've lost recently."

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