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- WSL / Kelly Cestari

How to Watch

Starting with the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal on October 16, the WSL live mobile experience will be streaming exclusively via Facebook. For non-Facebook users, the desktop viewing experience will continue uninterrupted on www.worldsurfleague.com.

For Facebook users, there will be no change to either the desktop or mobile viewing experiences.

Facebook is hugely supportive of the world's best surfing and are committed to growing the popularity of the sport to reach an even bigger audience with their 2.19 billion monthly active users.

Facebook is committed to delivering the high-quality and excellence that fans are used to from the WSL, which includes the addition of the ‘Heat Scores' and ‘Athlete Results' directly into the Facebook platform.

For those with a Facebook account, the experience is seamless - go to the WSL website and click right through.

For those without a Facebook account wanting to watch on mobile, it won't take long - just sign up, and you will then continue to watch the world's best surfing for free.

The WSL and Facebook are of course committed to the ensuring data protection and privacy for fans of surfing remains.

Facebook Watch offers an optional live chat experience - this feature facilitates connection and engagement across the global surf community during WSL event live streams.

For further information on how to watch, please refer to our WSL on Facebook FAQ page.

How Can I Watch WSL Events?

Desktop - Watch on WSL
Visit worldsurfleague.com and watch the WSL Live experience.

Desktop - Watch on Facebook
1) Launch your web browser and navigate to www.facebook.com
2) Log-in to Facebook
3) Once logged in, search for "WSL Live"
4) Follow the "WSL Live" show page to receive updates

Mobile - From WSL on Mobile:
1) Download and/or launch the WSL app on your phone or tablet device
2) Click through to the event live stream and you'll be automatically directed to the WSL Live stream if you're logged in on the Facebook App. 3) Facebook login required for mobile viewing.

Mobile - From Facebook:
1) Download and/or launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet device
2) Search for "WSL Live"
3) Follow the "WSL Live" show page to receive updates
4) Facebook login required for mobile viewing.

Do I need to be logged in to Facebook to watch?
You must be logged into Facebook to view WSL Live events on mobile. You do not need to be logged in to watch live events via desktop on worldsurfleague.com.

What happens if I don't have a Facebook account?
1) Go to www.facebook.com
2) Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender
3) Click Create an Account
4) To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number
Note: you must be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account.

Availability and Features

How do I check event availability on Facebook?
Please check the WSL Live page for updates to the schedule here.

What's new on the WSL Facebook Live stream?
A lot! Facebook and World Surf League are committed to delivering the same free viewing experience that you're used to from worldsurfleague.com. The new experience on Facebook includes:

  • Heat winners, scores, and round information on mobile & app
  • Optional live chat
  • Mobile-friendly broadcast graphics
  • New interactive features that will bring you closer to the action

How can I be notified when events are live?
There are a couple of ways to be notified when It's On:

Viewing Experience

How does the live chat work?
On the WSL Live Page, fans from around the globe can chat in the comments section during the live event stream. The live chat is situated right in the WSL Live stream platform.

How do I hide Live Chat and reactions on the WSL Live Page?
1) Computer/Desktop

  • To hide comments and reactions in a live video you're watching on your computer, hover over the live video, then click on the quiet mode button. Click on the quiet mode button again to bring back comments and reactions.
  • Fans can also maximize the live broadcast to fullscreen to remove all interactions and minimize to bring all the reactions/comments back.

2) Mobile

  • To hide comments and reactions in a live video you're watching, swipe right across the screen. Swipe left to bring them back again. Or tap the screen to bring up the quiet mode button, which you can tap to hide comments and reactions and tap again to bring them back.

Are there multiple language streams?
Yes, WSL Live events on Facebook can be watched with English, Spanish and Portuguese commentary.

Will I be able to view the full scoring page on Facebook?
Yes, heat winners, scores and round information will be available on the WSL Live page on Facebook on mobile and app. Heat winners, scores, and round information will be available on desktop on the WSL Live Experience on worldsurfleague.com.

I just turned the stream on, can I rewind it and watch from the beginning?
Yes, stream rewind is available while watching WSL Live events on Facebook.

WSL Supplemental Features

Where can I watch the event replay or highlights?
The event replay and event highlights can be found at the worldsurfleague.com Watch tab or on the WSL App.

Will the full scoring page still exist on worldsurfleague.com?
Yes, the scores page will still be available on worldsurfleague.com.

Will the Heat Analyzer still be available?
The Heat Analyzer for each event will still be available on worldsurfleague.com.

Can I still play WSL Fantasy Surfing?
Absolutely! Access to WSL Fantasy Surfing will not be interrupted with the live stream transition to Facebook. You'll still be able to access Fantasy Surfing on worldsurfleague.com or on the WSL App.

Additional Support

Facebook is blocked on the network I'm on. Is there another way I can watch WSL Live Events?
Facebook is the exclusive platform for WSL Live broadcasts on mobile. If you are unable to connect to Facebook through your mobile device, sign up for notifications on worldsurfleague.com to watch the complete on-demand replay following each day's event.

What does Facebook do with my personal information?
If you sign up to Facebook to watch WSL Live, any information Facebook receives is governed by Facebook's Data Policy. You can also visit and use Privacy Shortcuts, a Facebook menu where you can control your data in just a few taps, with clear explanations of how those controls work.

WSL is committed to ensuring the data protection and privacy of its fans. If you have any questions, please contact WSL at support@worldsurfleague.com.

Who do I contact regarding technical issues on Facebook?
If you need technical support for Facebook, please contact Facebook support at https://www.facebook.com/help/.

How can I provide my feedback?
If you have feedback, please contact support@worldsurfleague.com.

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