Boycott the Gunston 500 is The Inertia's latest project that details the unprecedented interaction of pro surfing and activism.

The story revolves around two-time defending World Champion Tom Carroll's decision to protest apartheid by boycotting the South African leg of the 1985 World Tour -- an action that wasn't unanimously embraced by the wider surfing world.

Preview: Boycott the Gunston 500
See the Inertia's newest film project that details surfing's fight against apartheid in South Africa.

In this outtake from the film, Sal Masekela shares a story about the first time he surfed in South Africa shortly after the abolition of apartheid.

Sal is a surfer who is deeply connected to the anti-apartheid movement, and his run-in with the law is what he described as the "most humiliating, incomprehensible experience with racism I had yet to date in my life."

Visit The Inertia to watch the longer version of Sal's story, and stay tuned for updates on release details and screening dates for the film.

Sal Masekela and Tom Carroll 02 Sal Masekela and Tom Carroll discussing the project at The Inertia's 2018 EVOLVE Summit. - The Inertia
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