- WSL / Ben Liebenberg / NFL
- WSL / Ben Liebenberg / NFL

It seems like these days the world's best athletes aren't content with just dominating their own sport. Ask anyone who has crossed Kelly Slater on the golf course (the 11x World Champ once told the PGA he plays a staggering 150 rounds a year).

Most recently, Seattle Seahwaks Quarterback Russell Willson decided to jet down to Brazil to spend some time on the beach with the current World No. 1 Gabriel Media. The two posted photos and video of themselves on social media hanging on the beach in Rio, swapping jerseys, cracking coconuts and possibly trading surf lessons for football lessons.

"I'm here with one of the best surfers in the world, my man Brazilin surfer Gabriel Medina. Whats up brother?", Wilson recently said in his Instagram story. "It's nice to have you in Brazil Russ!" chimed in Medina . "He's gonna teach me some surf lessons, but I don't know if I'm ready for that life. We're gonna throw some football around too," Wilson replied with some laughs.

Both Wilson and Medina are world champions so it just seems like a perfect match. And Willson, like Gabe, arrived in Brazil to a hero's welcome.

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