- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

There's no room for friends or idols in competition. It's fists up when the horn sounds. Look no further than the latest Fan Favorite match-ups for a prime example of what happens when personal feelings are put aside for the sake of victory. We've got Carissa Moore up against friend Coco Ho, and masters of the clean line, Conner Coffin vs. Joel Parkinson. Already got your favorite? Vote now!

Carissa Moore Lights Up Lemoore
The 3x World Champ improves on her previous score with a 9.43 for the US Team at the Founders' Cup of Surfing.

Carissa Moore vs. Coco Ho
Growing up on Oahu together, Moore and Ho have known one another all their lives. They started competing against one another in regional amateur contests before they were out of grade school. Ho graduated to the Championship Tour in 2009 and Moore joined her the following year. Despite their history, once they pull the jerseys on it's game time.

A 3x World Champion, Moore's risen to become one of the most dominant athletes on the CT. She considered last season a "struggle" and a "challenge" as she fought to maintain her Title-winning form, but still managed to win two contests and finish third in the world. That could spell trouble for her fellow competitors in 2019. Three times in her career she's finished third in the world and come back the next year to win a World Title. She just got back from a successful trip to Tahiti and says her quiver, shaped my Matt Biolos, is the best it's been in years. Her head and heart are in a good place right now, could a fourth Title be far behind?

Dropping In: Coco Ho
Meet the infamous Championship Tour competitor from the North Shore of Oahu.

Heading into the 2019 CT season, Ho is celebrating a decade on Tour. The '09 Rookie of the Year continues to follow in the family tradition, ripping in any and all conditions. Ho's surfing exudes style, expression and aloha. Finishing 11th on the CT last season, she fought her way into three Quarterfinal heats and continues to be a tough competitor for anyone that draws her. She's also immensely popular outside of the competitive arena thanks to her loyal fans and dedicated hometown following.

Joel Parkinson vs. Conner Coffin
Coming off of a career year on the CT where he finished 7th in the world, prepping for his '19 campaign has been a bit challenging for Coffin lately. Despite an epic swell early this winter, it's been flat in California for over a month, which means he's had to hit the road to score any surf. Along with his brother, Parker, he landed on the Gold Coast of Australia for the Cyclone Oma swell in February.

Dropping In: Conner Coffin
Conner takes us into his world of growing his own food, playing music, and enjoying the company of his friends and family.

"Anytime I get to surf in trunks it's a good thing, but a pumping right pointbreak, I was in heaven," said Coffin when he got back to California.

Sharing the lineup with Parkinson, who was like a kid in a candy store enjoying the long, running Kirra cylinders, Coffin called it a dream session. Two of the premier stylists on Tour last year, Parko's a former World Champ who will be stepping into his first year of retirement. Fittingly, he just invested in an oversized camper so he can take the family exploring around Australia. He guaranteed that we won't see him in a jersey in 2019, but that doesn't mean he can't still be your Fan Favorite from last season.

2012 World Champion Joel Parkinson (AUS) has retired from Championship Tour surfing with the 2018 Billabong Pipe Masters being his final event of his illustrious career.  Parkinson was eliminated with an equal 9th finish after placing third in Heat 3 of R The 2018 Billabong Pipe Masters was the final event of Parko's legendary career. - WSL / Kelly Cestari

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