The Krui Pro finished Round 2 of the men's QS3,000 rated event, and started with two Rounds of the women's QS1,000 division. Ujung Bocur continued to deliver near-flawless long left-handers for the competitors to display their full repertoire for the judges, Sumatran surf fans and online viewers.

Gabriel Villarán, who finished equal 3rd at this event last year was one of the day's standouts, posting impressive scores to easily progress through his first heat of the event. Villarán leads a solid Peruvian contingent at the Krui Pro who all feel comfortable on these waves as Peru is also famous for it's long left-handers.

Gabriel Villarán At the Krui Pro Gabriel Villaran looking solid in his opening heat. - WSL / Tim Hain

"This is the best event in the world!" Villarán said. "The waves here are just like last year, absolutely pumping. I think it's amazing that the Government here upgraded it to a QS3,000 this year. It's an amazing wave to surf and amazing to watch people surfing -- it's perfect for contests -- I am so happy to be back."

Luke Dillon from the UK posted the highest single wave score of the event thus far, an 8.83 for a series of huge backhand snaps in the pocket.He will now take on Skip McCullough (USA), Elliot Paerata-Reid (NZL) and Micky Clarke (USA) in Round 3.

"It's so nice to have contest waves that let you open up and do big turns," Dillon said. "I had a lot of fun in that heat, I can't wait to have my next heat with just a couple of guys in the water so I can get more waves."

Krui Line-up Krui lining up like a dream. - WSL

Adrien Toyon scored three 7-point-rides, even though you only count your top two scores, the Frenchman took it as a good omen. Having spent a lot of time at Reunion Island's Saint Leu, he's no stranger to quality left hand reef breaks.

"I was happy to get all those sevens, it's like I was in a casino!" Toyon said. "I am just taking it easy this year, I don't go to Portugal, I just wanted to come to Indonesia and get some swell. I have no plans for this year I am just going to see how I go this week in Krui and go from there."

Leilani McGonagle from Costa Rica was dominant in her first appearance at the Krui Pro, using her powerful and turns and carves to amass some solid scores and stamp herself as one of the ones to beat here in Krui. McGonagle is travelling with her brother Noe Mar who's competing in the men's division.

Leilani McGonagle at the Krui Pro Leilani McGonagle looking on point at the Krui Pro. - WSL / Tim S Hain

"This is such a great wave for contests," McGonagle said. "I got a good score early, then a 10 wave set landed on my head, it was big too, I wish I was out the back to get one of them , hopefully I can get some big ones in my next heat. I've been on the road doing events in Australia for the last few months, I decided to come here and surf some great waves and hopefully win some money for my next trip."

Indonesia's Puanani Johnson bounced back from a head injury a few days ago that required a few stitches to put an impressive win on the board in her opening heat of the Krui Pro.

"I got a few waves out there, but the wind came up and it was hard to find the good ones," Johnson said. "I am loving my time here, I am feeling good after getting some stitches a couple days ago, I hope I get to surf some big waves this week."

Vittoria Farmer from Noosa Heads, Australia and Spain's Nadia Erostarbe both posted scores in the excellent range to easily advance into Round 2.

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