- WSL / Tim Hain
- WSL / Tim Hain

Leilani McGonagle and Lucas Silveira have posted monumental wins at the Krui Pro in absolutely perfect surf at Ujung Bocur in South Sumatra today. The sets rolling into the reef were in the 6-foot range with the occasional bigger set and the successful surfers were able to choose the right ones.

Krui Pro Men's Podium The Men's Finalists celebrate with Regent of Pesisir Barat Bupati Istiqlal. - WSL / Tim Hain

Silveira, former World Junior Champion claimed his first QS victory in firing conditions with a solid display of backhand surfing. He scored excellent rides for big combinations and was able to overcome some of the form surfers of the week by putting up his best performance of the event when it mattered most -- on Finals Day.

"What a day. I cannot believe it," Lucas Silveira said. "The waves were so good today, good all week. I wish we had waves like this for more events - it doesn't happen very often. This is my first QS win, it means so much to me. I have never had a good start to the year on the QS, I usually get a good result at the end of the year - so I have never been close to qualifying, but hopefully I will be this year with another big result."

Mitch Coleborn at the Krui Pro Mitch Coleborn was always exciting to watch at Ujung Bocur. - WSL / Tim Hain

Mitch Coleborn started Finals day by eliminating reigning two-time World Champion Gabriel Medina. Both had a slow start to the heat, uncharacteristically falling, but it was Coleborn who was able to get into rhythm and take the win. Coleborn peaked in the Semifinals scoring a 9.27 to eliminate an in-form Cole Houshmand. In the Final, Coleborn had a couple opportunities, but was unable to match Silveira and had to settle for 2nd place.

"I am pretty tired right now," Coleborn said. "It's so hot out there and when you get a long wave you just get cooked by the sun on the way back out. But I can't complain, that was one of the most fun contests I have ever done. I'm stoked to come away with a 2nd place in pumping surf."

Leilani McGonagle Leilani McGonagle's power carve. - WSL / Tim Hain

Leilani McGonagle from Costa Rica has been on the road competing for three months but showed no signs of fatigue at the Krui Pro this week. She used her powerful brand of surfing to attack big sections and post excellent scores. During the Final she was in second position needing a big score when she paddled into a long Ujung Bocur left and absolutely smashed every section to net an 8.67.

"I am shaking right now," McGonagle said. "I know how good Keala Tomoda-Bannert has been surfing all week and I know she can get big scores. I didn't know I had won until the very end. This is one of the most amazing waves I have ever seen for a contest. Winning feels great, it reminds you why you travel around the world and work so hard."

Leilani McGonagle Leilani McGonagle chaired up the beach by her brother Noe Mar. - WSL / Tim Hain

Keala Tomoda-Bannert used her smooth backhand attack all week to her advantage, nailing big scores seemingly with ease, but in the Final she fell just short and has to take her second place finish back home to Hawaii.

"I've had second place at the ISA and at the WSL World Juniors and another one here," Tomoda-Bannert said. "Yeah I feel like I was surfing good, but I've gotten another second. I have loved my time here, this wave has been so good to us. Congratulations to Leilani she was surfing really well."

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