Pro surfers will head back to Sao Miguel, Azores Islands this September for two events! Here's everything you need to know about..


The Ribeira Grande Pro Junior is a fresh new addition to the 2019 European Junior Qualifying Series and as the last event of the season, it will crown this year's regional champions as well as qualify the very best for the upcoming World Junior Championships.

Teaser: European Junior Title Decided in Azores
The Ribeira Grande Pro Junior will decide the 2019 European Junior titles from September 13-15, 2019 on Sao Miguel island, Azores.

The following week will see top dogs in the 2019 Qualifying race for next year's Championship Tour head back to Sao Miguel for the QS6,000 Azores Islands Pro. This event has crowned past and current CT surfers in epic conditions in the past and rarely disappoints! Tropical blue barrels and high-performance surfing are back to Sao Miguel!


Do we still need to introduce the Azores? Most will have seen footage of it over the years, a lucky few might even have traveled there and surfed its incredible spots. Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the archipelago consists of green, volcanic islands, much-like a European Hawaii and boasts a coastline battered by swells from all directions.

Teaser: Qualifying Series Land back in Azores
The QS6,000 Azores Airlines Pro will bring some of the world's best surfers back into the paradisiacal Azores Islands.

Sao Miguel is the largest of the 9 main islands and has been hosting QS events for years, showing the world how beautiful and surf-friendly its coast is with waves for surfers of all levels. Volcanoes, hot springs, lakes and fishing villages make a visit on the island an unforgettable experience.


The Ribeira Grande Pro Junior will unfold from September 13-15 and the Azores Islands Pro the following week from September 17-22, 2019.

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