- WSL / Matt Dunbar
- WSL / Matt Dunbar

Is Matt Meola the world's best aerialist? His friend Alber Layer sure thinks so, calling him, "the best air surfer of all time" in a recent Instagram post. Such claims are bound to raise eyebrows across the surf world; however, Meola's latest edit, "A Surfing Surfer" proves just how good he is.

His edit takes us on a trip through his home island of Maui and across the Pacific over to Fiji. Starting somewhere on the north end of Maui, Meola goes right to the air - launching impossible rotations into questionably flat sections. He then heads to Fiji to cool off with some tuna fishing and glassy left hand tubes.

Despite the edit's satirical "Planet Earth" like narration, Meola's surfing is seriously impressive. "A Surfing Surfer" brings back memories of his award-winning part in Taylor Steele's "Innersection" from back in 2011, where he first gained notoriety as one of the best young aerial surfers. Much of his exceptional air surfing can be attributed to growing up in one of the windiest places in the world, where he learned to leverage the wind more than most.

You may also remember Matt Meola from his borderline reckless performance at the Red Bull Airborne France last year, when he threw himself into every chunky section that came his way - earning the No. 2 spot in the Top 5 Moments of the event.

As the 2020 season approaches - we'll be looking out to see if he returns for the Red Bull Airborne Gold Coast starting March 26th.

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