- WSL / Yves Sobanski
- WSL / Yves Sobanski

Before the world went on lockdown, Morocco looked like the place to be.

From Ramzi Boukhiam, to Koa Smith and Billy Kemper's score, and Toryn Martin's recent keg, it had been an incredible run of waves in North Africa.

Morocco has attracted traveling surfers for decades, many of whom make the trip overland from Europe. While a North African surf trip is nothing new, there has been renewed interest in this land of long right-hand points and rugged, windswept coastlines.

"I think Morocco, we have huge potential, we have like 3,200 kilometers of coastline so we have a bunch of waves, from [the] north all the way to the Sahara, to the desert.

"If you're motivated and willing to drive you can find so many different spots," Moroccan pro Ramzi Boukhiam recently told the WSL.

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For decades, surfers have been traveling through Europe -- hitting French beach breaks and some famous Basque spots along the way -- and then continuing on a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar, a narrow stretch of water that separates two continents.

It's almost a right of passage, and one of the most iconic overland surf trips there is. But right now it's having a real moment in the surf world. So why is it all the rage?

It's a real adventure, with thousands of untapped waves just waiting to be found.

The surf and scenery are a contrast to the tropical saturation that dominates so many clips.

And it's a cultural experience, exploring a land that has been at the crossroads of many different cultures for thousands of years.

There have been some high-profile Moroccan scores recently, and this has put the destination on the proverbial map for a new generation of surfers, looking for new parts of the globe to explore.

Billy Kemper, before his injury, was one of them, along with Koa Smith and Luke Davis.

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And Australian freesurfer Torren Martyn, who has spent months exploring the Moroccan coastline, just dropped this clip which showcases what's got to be the wave of several lifetimes.

There's also a rapidly growing competitive surf scene in Morocco, which was on show at the recent Pro Taghazout Bay, which was treated to some pumping waves.

One thing is for sure, there's so much more waiting to be enjoyed in Morocco, and it's set to play an even bigger role in the surf world for years to come.

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