This morning, Cam Richards woke up at home in South Carolina and went fishing. Hunkered down, because of the current pause in both international travel and the Qualifying Series tour, Cam's finally been forced to slow himself down for a hot minute.

Born into the surf life, Cam's old man, Kelly Richards, has been shaping boards under his Perfection Surfboards label since 1980. In fact, the 8'0" that Cam road on his 'Wave of the Winter' nominated bomb at Pipe back in 2018 was on one of his father's hand-shapes.

Cam was only 10 years old when he first won money in a surf comp. He entered his first "Quey" in 2011 and has been a road warrior ever since. Today at 24 years old, he's one of those dangerous mad dogs that blurs the line between chasing both perfect waves and his Championship Tour dreams. He's seldom in one place for too long, which makes his current time at home unique.

Fishing, hunting, hanging with his friends and family, he's enjoying that down home Southern living and adjusting to the new pace of life. And as such, he just went live with a new edit called, "For What It's Worth."

"I gave [filmmaker] Layne Stratton a hard drive and said ‘Have fun, buddy!' So, he made me an 8-minute highlight reel of my best surfing over some time! So here is something to distract you guys from this chaos right now," said Cam on Instagram this morning.

And Stratton worked his magic with that hard drive. Cam's edit straight up cooks. A jam session of epic scores from around the world, it illustrates not only how talented Cam really is, but how hard he charges. Big barrels over shallow sections seem not to bother him in the slightest. The higher the punt, the tighter the rotation, his progressive game is tight. And he's got the square jaw and style to boot.

Of course, we're a little biased when it comes to Stratton's work. One of the filmmakers working behind the scenes on 'Surf Breaks', this has been a passion project of his lately, and the timing of the release couldn't be better.

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