- WSL / Christian Diaz
- WSL / Christian Diaz

You only get to name a surf spot once.

At the start of January, as a trio of mega swells stirred in the Caribbean, filmmaker Logan Dulien made the decision to follow a tip. A friend of his in Central America had told him of a slab that had never been surfed … not because it was a secret to the locals, but because everyone was too scared of it.

"Bring somebody that f-king charges," he told Dulien.

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So, in the initial stages of his new project, "Snapt4," Dulien rounded up an all-star crew comprised of Jack Robinson, Seth Moniz and Benji Brand. Unsure of what they were getting themselves into, they made the their way to Central America's Caribbean coast.

While Silverbacks was going off in Panama and Luke Davis and Koa Smith were scoring that beast of a wave, the Snapt crew dove into the unknown.

"When they first saw it they were baffled. We couldn't believe it," explained Dulien about the first time the crew set eyes on the wave. "For the life of you, you just wouldn't expect a wave like this to be in the Caribbean. It's like Chopes."

Robinson compared it to a potent pair of his favorite Australian slabs: The Box and The Right. Moniz claims to have caught one of the waves of his life. And Brand, he's went full hellman.

"It's the heaviest wave I've ever surfed," explained Brand.

Named "Black Sabbath" for its ominous deep pit and exceptional danger level, a wave like this doesn't seem like it should exist. At the very least it redefines what is out there in the Caribbean. Sure, Soup Bowls in Barbados and spots in Puerto Rico have their day, but a Teahupoo-style slab off the east coast of Central America? We just haven't seen anything like it.

The dream is still out there, and never before has it been more important than now to keep that dream alive. If you're stuck at home, get on Google Earth and see what you can find ... because it's still certainly out there.

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