- WSL / Damien Poullenot
- WSL / Damien Poullenot

With beach closures happening around the United States, and around the world, competitors are looking for any empty stretch of legal beach to paddle out while also keeping their distance on land to keep in shape.

This multi-part series will keep up with some of those surfers from around the Qualifying Series (QS) and Pro Juniors who have already begun making a name for themselves.

Josh Burke Goes Green at Home
Barbados' top competitor has been staying productive during the hold with his home island on lockdown during the outbreak.

A second-generation professional surfer from the beautiful island of Barbados, Josh Burke has found a path of his own among the QS elite as he looks to be a qualification threat once more despite injury setbacks. The 23-year-old notched a second QS win on his home island at the world-renowned Soup Bowl last November but things have slowed to a near-halt in recent days.

Barbados went into full lockdown on April 3 with stay at home orders which keeps residents in place other than all non-essential work or errands - in turn keeping an island loaded with surfing talent landlocked. The island is also turning in some promising numbers as no new cases have been found since April 18. But Burke's green thumb has taken advantage of the extended hold and lockdown with his lush kitchen garden in full growth. And he's got some pretty solid surf memories to dream on after surfing nonstop before the government's orders with his full pre-lockdown edit below:

Catching Up with Cole Houshmand
Step inside the 19-year-old's routine and mindset during quarantine.

After delving into the life and mindset of Samantha Sibley, we pick up with another one of San Clemente's explosive talents Cole Houshmand who garnered a Quarterfinal finish at the Pro Taghazout Bay QS 5,000 in Morocco earlier this year.

The 19-year-old spent his first full year on the QS in 2019, finishing with a respectable placing on the rankings at No. 78 which opened the door to 2020's highest-level of events before the halt.

Cole Houshmand (USA)  WSL / Masurel Houshmand's backhand has led him to some big results as he currently sits at No. 53 on the QS ranks after finishing No. 78 last season. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

The young Californian awaits his first taste of victory among the QS elite as he looks to bring his Pro Junior success, winning the 2017 Live Like Zander Junior Pro In Memory of Zander Venezia, but his focus remains on the task at hand while in quarantine.

Stepping Inside Samantha Sibley's Quarantine Mindset

Staying Healthy with Samantha Sibley
Take a look into one of the emerging QS talents out of San Clemente, California, and how she's staying in form during COVID-19.

2019's Nissan Super Girl Pro QS 6,000 winner Samantha Sibley offers insight into what's been keeping her at her best. Sibley, along with the plethora of San Clemente competitors, recently lost the world-class break of Trestles and have taken to empty beach breaks, as well as working out at home to keep up with social distancing from their gyms.

Sibley, 17, turns 18 this year and will look toward a full-time QS schedule in 2021 but has already made a name for herself with big wins on both the QS and Pro Junior level.

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