- WSL / Aaron Lynton
- WSL / Aaron Lynton

Kai Lenny is a culture-shifting, hyper-compelling waterman from Maui, in Hawaii. After a big wave season which saw him re-write the rules of what is possible when it comes to progressive surfing in monster waves, he's invited us in to his home for an episode of WSL Lawn Patrol. Here are five things to know about the multi-craft maestro.

He's Partial To A Bit Of Foamboard Fun

Lenny is famous for riding all types of cutting-edge surf craft in waves on consequence, but that doesn't mean there aren't days when he wants to ride his foamboard in gutless waves and just have a good time. Also in his stack of boards to mix things up on is a Christenson twin-fin Fish.

He Keeps Some Inspiration On The Shelf Of His Office

Lenny won the WSL Big Wave Award for Men's Best Overall Performance in 2019. He was also inducted into the Surfers Hall Of Fame, and these trophies as well as some other memorable ones (such as the trophy for his first ever big-wave win, the 2017 Puerto Escondido Challenge ) are kept front and center on the mantle in his office.

The Kai Show Continues At Nazaré
The Maui native pushes the boundaries of aerial progression at the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge Presented by Jogos Santa Casa.

He Has A Tiger Shark Jaw On Display

He was given the jaw when he was eight or nine years old, and it has served as a reminder of his worst fear, but also his "coolest" inspiration. "I mean, the big wave, Jaws, is down the street, and here are the jaws to back it up," Lenny says.

His Boards Have Identical Artwork For A Reason

We get to see Lenny's board cave, which is full to the brim with boards of all shapes and sizes -- including a 14-foot stand-up-paddle race board and a 2-foot foil board. but they all look exactly the same, with a trademark blue and red-stripe design. There's a good reason for that, as he explains: "I watch Formula One, and the cars look so cool. I have to bring that sport, to my sport."

He Has A Half Pipe In His Yard

Talk about the perfect way to see out a flat spell! Lenny has a skateboard half pipe in the yard, but there's a problem: "Nothing really translated because I surf regular foot, so any 360s I learn on this ramp goofy foot, is for the day I become a goofy-foot short-boarder."

To learn more - and gain an unprecedented look at the things that make Lenny's house feel like a home - check out the full episode of Lawn Patrol with Kai Lenny.

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