In terms of what we're missing these days, the list is long. But with the Championship Tour on hold for the time being, one thing that we're definitely missing is watching Italo Ferreira surf.

Thankfully, back home in Brasil, surfing is still permitted at Italo's local break and he's been lighting it up. Atmospheric rotations, full-rail carves, unbridled speed and the ever-present smile, it's all there and it's why we're missing Italo's energy so much these days.

The new edit, which has been rendered in black and white, is entitled "Rough Times 2020."

"The only thing we can actually do is to have faith and be positive," reads the video's description. "Be safe. We're gonna go through all of this."

The power of positivity is a strong force, and thanks to Italo for keeping the good vibes flowing.

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