- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Surfers across the globe haven't been able to do what they love for months. It's small price to pay, in the fight against a global pandemic. But, we can all appreciate how good this wave scored by Michel Bourez must have felt after a month cooped up at home.

In fact, you can see how good it felt just by looking at the expression on his face.

Surfers' lock-downs are not created equal. No one wants to be stuck inside, but if it's raining, cold and the waves are uninspiring, the withdrawals can't be as hard as riding out the COVID storm in postcard-perfect Tahiti.

"The feeling of surfing is incredible but just to be back in the ocean is priceless! My arms felt tired after an hour and half of surfing so I decided to go in," the world number 13 says on Instagram.

Once the restrictions were eased, Bourez snuck out for the Dawn Patrol and bagged this wave before the crowds showed up. Let's hope he scored a couple dozen more.

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