Earning a 10-point ride in France means being able to tame the unpredictable Atlantic ocean. With its massive tide swings, the greater Landes region is notorious for it's moods, making it one of the most difficult waves to master.

"So many aspects of the conditions can change throughout the day. The morning you can show up and see the best waves of your life and by the afternoon it doesn't look like the same place at all," Kelly Slater explains.

What that means for the world's best is the ability to execute one's entire toolkit on the fly. From having flawless railwork to pulling into heaving barrels and launching massive airs, 10-point rides in France are a thing of beauty. And it's not surprising that these are the five surfers to have achieved perfection it in the past six years of competition.

  • John John Florence, 2014

  • Tatiana Weston-Webb, 2015

  • Gabriel Medina, 2015 (x2)

  • Julian Wilson, 2018

  • Courtney Conlogue, 2019
Five Years Of Tens: France
See what it takes to earn a 10-point ride at one of the best and most powerful beach breaks on earth.
Perfect 10: Courtney Conlogue
The defending event winner drops the first 10-point ride of the contest with a masterful backhand tube ride at the Roxy Pro France.
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