- WSL / Tony Heff
- WSL / Tony Heff

When it comes to winning World Titles, versatility is key. Every event, every day, every heat require something different as the ocean is ever-changing. From big barrels to big punts, few are as adaptable as 2019 World Champ Italo Ferreira. Look no further than Italo's last two Instagram posts to see what we mean, and don't forget to check out an intimate look at his run to the World Title in his recent episode of WSL Sound Waves.

Exhibit 1: The Amplitude
At home surfing punchy, warbly lefts, Italo shoots for the moon in this full rotation. It takes him three energetic pumps to get down the line, then where most everyone else concerned about the health of their knees would hit eject he just keeps going up...and up...and up. It's Michael Jordan-esque how he goes anit-gravitational. And the landing? Forget about. Italo sticks it clean. There's not the slightest bobble. It's like power-air surfing, if that's a thing.

Exhibit 2: The Bravado
A late drop under the lip at Pipe is always dicey. But Italo doesn't even blink on this bomb, it's 100-percent pure commitment. Somehow he's able to pull up into the barrel before being swallowed up. Flying out after the spit, the performance prompted Kelly Slater to comment, "Do work, son! Now nobody is gonna take you lightly at pipe ever again." Hard to disagree with that sentiment.

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