- WSL / Cait Miers

Nic Von Rupp's home break is basically Nazaré. Surfing a wave like that creates a surfer who likes a certain kind of wave: big and heavy. Even when Nazaré isn't pumping out those massive teepees that captivate the world, the beach break is as scary place. But, since Nic is Nic, he's got a bit of wanderlust and one wave, no matter how great it is, just doesn't cut it.

In the newest episode of his new web series, Von Froth, he heads a to new big wave spot deep in Morocco. He, along with local Othman Choufani, finds that although Morocco is close to Portugal, culturally, it's far away. "Anything that is easy in Europe is so much harder in Morocco," Nic wrote, "especially big wave logistics."

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