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Pentacoastal is one of the biggest surf film releases in recent memory. Here are five reasons to enjoy it care of Vans right now

The Resurgence Of Wade Goodall

Wade is both the star and co-director of the film, which is a screaming testament to his enduring relevance, and a reintroduction of sorts, after a significant spell out of the limelight while he was recovering from not one, not two, but three broken legs between 2011 and 2015.

The Star-Studded Vans Team

Not only does the film provide fans with an eagerly-awaited hit of Wade Goodall, it's full of clips from the heavy-hitting and multi-generational Vans surf team, which spans the gamut from surfing legend Nathan Fletcher to young phenomenon Kyuss King. Add in Dane Reynolds -- widely considered one of the greatest, most entertaining surfers ever -- as well as Nathan Florence, Patrick Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas and Dylan Graves, this is about as start-studded as a surf film is likely to get.

Harry Bryant's Show Stealing Performance

But let's not forget Australia's Harry Bryant, who manages to stand out from the aforementioned big names with an entirely new level of surfing that is sure to catapult him even further into the collective conciousness of the surf world; this is definitely someone to keep a close eye on.

The Rugged Aesthetic

Much of Pentacoastal was shot in remote parts of Australia, which lends the film a rugged, raw aesthetic, especially when it comes to the moody colors and lineups, evocative of adventure, a hint of danger and a quintessentially Australian surfing experience.

The Unapologetically Amped Up Soundtrack

This is a film that needs to be enjoyed on full volume. This soundtrack has tracksc by Grinderman, 35007, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Windhand, Goons of Doom, plus original compositions from Black Waves, Thom Pringle, Nathan Fletcher, Shane Fletcher and more. Sound and moving image has been matched perfectly, and the combination is a singularly raw, loud and exciting film that is guaranteed to get you pumped to go surfing.

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