Supporting Indo Tourism Is As Easy As Buying A Beautiful Lineup Shot

Surf photographer Nathan Lawrence has spent nearly 20 years living in Indonesia, documenting the people, places, and world-class surfers who visit the islands. And for the first time in recent memory, Bali's most famous waves including Uluwatu, Kermas and Canggu, have been completely empty due to COVID-19.

"While the situation allowed me to capture some once-in-a-lifetime lineup images of these iconic waves, I knew the lockdown and travel ban would have a profound effect on the livelihoods of the locals in these surfing communities," Lawrence explains.

Lawrence Ulu Fundraiser WSL / Nathan Lawrence

"But it wasn't until I ventured down to the Uluwatu warungs (small cafes) recently to see how the locals were faring, that the impact on these communities truly hit me."

In his latest project, the Bali Print Fundraiser, Lawrence announced that he would be selling prints of his most iconic lineup shots from Indonesia with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the locals of that paricular community. The funds will be distributed by local government licensed charities.

If you've spent time in Indonesia, you know that the people have just as much as an impact on your experience as the perfect waves do. In many cases, it's the relationships with the locals that keep us coming back year after year. In Lawrence's case, he was compelled to do something about the unforeseen circumstances these people are facing.

Lawrence Ulu Fundraiser WSL / Nathan Lawrence

"So many kind-hearted people behind the smiles who, without fail, will always remember your face and your name -- even if you haven't seen them in years. And now these folks need our help," Lawrence continues.

Over the course of his career, Nathan Lawrence has worked with most major brands in the industry including Patagonia, Red Bull, Vans, Hurley, and Nike to name a few. In 2019 he also published his first book, City Surf, documenting the rich and unique surf culture of San Francisco.

Follow these links to learn more about Nathan, purchase a print from the Bali Print Fundraiser, or pick up City Surf.

Lawrence Ulu Fundraiser WSL / Nathan Lawrence
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