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Nathan Florence's POV session clips rely on a wonderfully simple premise -- most of us will never paddle out at some of the scariest waves on the planet. He's taken us along for the ride at Pipe, Jaws and now, in the latest edition in the series we get to experience exactly what it's like to surf big Waimea, on Oahu's North Shore.

Waimea -- site of the historic Eddie Aikau events -- looms large in surfing culture, and has been a proving ground for big wave surfers for decades.

"For reference on size this day was about 18ft-20ft! 40ft faces on the bombs! Waimea isnt as long as jaws but the drops are more critical and steep," Florence says.

So, go along for the ride as Nathan paddles through the shorebreak, makes it out the back and then muscles into some bombs.

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