Mark Richards' inspiration to become a shaper is a classic surf story. While staying with renowned shaper Geoff McCoy in Sydney as a teenager, Richards -- who would become a four-time World Champion -- saw that everyone at the shaping factory would down tools and surf whenever it was pumping.

It was a an enviable lifestyle, and Richards was hooked. That's just one of the anecdotes the legend shares in this clip from FCS and MySurf.TV.

Richards also speaks about how he got started riding twin fins, which led to his long affiliation with the shape, of which he's a pioneer. Considering the resurgence twin fins are having thanks to a number of new high-profile proponents such as Asher Pacey, it's fascinating to get this historical perspective.

Considering Richards rode twin fins for the majority of his title campaigns, when he discusses the design, it's time to listen.

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