It's not everyday you see something like this: Two generations of surf stars sharing a single barrel. Kelly Slater and Jackson Dorian bagged this wave at the Surf Ranch, reconfirming Jackson's position as one of the luckiest groms on earth.

Not only is Jackson one of the best junior surfers on anyone's radar, he's ripping at a surfing nirvana and sharing a barrel with the GOAT himself.

Jackson is, in fact, Kelly's godson, which just goes to show he's more than primed for big things in the surf world. He was born to surf, with his dad, Shane, a legend of the sport who spent 11 years on the Championship Tour before making a name for himself as one of the hardest-charging people on the planet.

Barrels are the holy grail of the surfing experience and to see two generations share a single tube is just something special. It's a very small club indeed who can say they've been tubed with the GOAT.

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