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France's premiere beachbreak of Hossegor, located in the southwest corner of the country, was pumping all through June. And due to the current travel restrictions, beach breaks all through the Landes region have been left to some lucky locals. June has come to an end and the best moments of this fantastic month were captured into this edit.

Surfers saw autumn-like surf conditions to kick off the summer, which came as a big surprise. Usually Hossegor summers consist of small, playful waves with occasional heavier days. In September and October, though, the Atlantic serves up consistent barrels atop shifting sandbanks.

And the winters are even more extreme. Hossegor either completely shuts down, or it can become a cold-water tow-in spot at places like La Nord.

Maxime Huscenot, Andy Criere, Antoine Delpero, Charly Quivront, Justin Becret, and Kyllian Guerin took their rewards after a long confinement. The southwest region of France opened up their beaches on May 16th.

"After this confinement with pretty waves that we did not surf of course, the return to normal life was very complicated, a bizarre reality and days without waves," shared David Berthet from Ripitup France. "Fortunately the month of June arrived with a lot of quality surfing sessions, we even had days that looked like winter with a lot of tubes. Maxime Huscenot was I think the fittest shooting barrels..."

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