A compelling argument could be made that the Mentawai Islands are the greatest surf zone on the planet. If you take into account their consistency, the variety of waves on offer and the tropical climate, where else offers as much to the traveling surfer?

Of course there are individual waves across the globe that stack up and even beat out places like Macaronis, or Kandui, but there's no other zone with so many world-class waves within such a tight radius.

You could spend years exploring this island chain and never surf every wave.

When Covid hit, international travel was shut down, and that has crippled economies across the globe. While everyone would rather things just went back to normal, one of the silver linings has been the empty, perfect surf being enjoyed by just a handful of lucky people.

This is being highlighted in a new YouTube series by Kandui Resort. While they may be geographically isolated from major international airports, crowds in the "Ments" are usually a fact of life, with thousands of surfers all fighting for a wave of a lifetime. A few surfers have had their dreams come true though during Covid, scoring empty sessions in waves as good as they come.

So, here's some inspiration for that day when travel is back on the cards.

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