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What is Surf100?

Surf100 is a 100-minute waveriding exposition that is judged live, at a later date, by the internet. All of this is done following social distancing guidelines.

In the first rendition of Surf100, San Clemente's favorite sons Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto, and Ian Crane will paddle out for a 100-minute waveriding demonstration at Lower Trestles.

While negotiating a typical Lowers crowd, they'll attempt to capture the best two-wave (right + left) video section in the allotted time.

The surfers can ride as many waves as they want in the 100-minute session. Each wave will be considered a separate "clip" that can be used in their final "section". Each section will consist of two clips-one right, one left-which will be judged out of 100 points apiece, 200 points total.

The best section (two clip total), according to the internet, wins.

When is Surf100?

Surf100 will be broadcast live at 6 pm on August 6, San Clemente time; 11 am on August 7, Sydney time.

The event can be purchased and watched live here for an early-bird price of $9.99 USD, or a gameday price of $14.99 USD.

More about the surfers

Kolohe Andino: Kolohe Andino is Lowers' curent alpha male. Ruling by respect, not fear, Brother struts through his kingdom with long, confident strides, often scratching into waves that others would need a motor, a paddle, or a push from daddy to catch. Then he surfs them with a Navy Seal's precision and tap dancer's grace.

Griffin Colapinto: he next in line for Lowers supremacy is Griffin Colapinto, whose very existence threatens Kolohe's reign. More of a "feel" surfer than Brother, Griffin's languid approach is easy on the eyes and warming to the heart. But don't let his leisurely gait fool you--Griff's as competitive as they come and would love nothing more than to knock Kolohe from his royal perch.

Ian Crane: The jester. The outcast. The horse whose hue skews dark. As a goofy-footer and non-CT surfer, Ian Crane is the least likely Surf100 winner...on paper. The funny thing about paper, though, is that it tends to fall apart in water. And for our money, Crane-o's got the most creative bag of the bunch, which might just be the difference-maker at this cookie-cutter point.

Who's running the show?

The show will be anchored with the no-holds-barred team of analysts and thought leaders, Dane Reynolds, Taylor Knox, and Selema Masekela.

How to score:

In Surf100, clips are scored out of 100 points (whole numbers only, no decimals).

A decent wave might be worth 50 points, a solid wave is 70, and a barn-burner could be 90.

For a surfer to earn 100 points on a clip, they better put your goddamn chin on the linoleum.

Oh, and the "best" judge of the event will win a custom Mayhem/...Lost quiver.

Here's how you win:

Step 1: Score every wave as closely as possible to our head critic, Michael Ciaramella.

...That's it.

The person whose scores (on average) are closest to MC's wins the ...Lost Surfboard quiver. It's a completely arbitrary performance metric, sure, but with free surfboards on the line and no collateral required, are you really in a position to argue?

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