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Keep an eye on Tanner Gudauskas. He's doing stuff...and he's not bad with a chainsaw.

Awhile back he bought a nice little slice of paradise in the hills above Oceanside that he's been tending, clearing brush, planting trees, swinging axes, firing up chainsaws, painting walls and giving his abode that good, old-fashioned TLC. And now, after officially hanging up his jersey last year, Tanner's sliding into his new groove with style and a newfound passion for keeping surfing real.

Like his efforts in the garden, his artistic visions are also starting to bear fruit. At the start of the COVID, Tanner launched a series of videos on YouTube dedicated to his favorite VHS surf movies. He hosted live conversations with his heroes -- from Kelly Slater to Jack McCoy to Ozzie Wright. It was an unintended hit.

"The process gained some steam in underground places and I quickly lost my way in the performance," tells Tanner in a recent post on his new site TheOutreach.Fun. "I couldn't believe my heroes were picking up the phone, I wanted to be able to sit and listen to their insight and learn, I would honestly lose myself in the conversations, some would take hours. Through the process, I started to see the engagement rate drop out though, I scrambled."

Tanner pulled the plug on the VCR, but along with his brothers, Dane and Patrick, they've launched a new YouTube channel they're calling The Vibe Up. If you haven't subscribed, you should. Not just loosely cut together vlog fodder, they're doing interviews with friends and heroes that are genuine and interesting...as well as genuinely interesting. And, of course, there's plenty of good surf action.

Case in point, Tanner's new edit, "Digital Surf, Digital World," just dropped today. And while he's good with a chainsaw, he's even better on a broken board he salvaged from a dumpster. And those judo airs, launched both in Waco and Oceanside, they're quintessentially rad. Plus, it's got plenty of travel vibes, which we're all missing these days.

"This movie really hinged on one trip specifically. Southern Portugal," Tanner explains. "We had intended to stay around Ericeira for two weeks to film there, but I thought I would reach out to old friend Marlon Lipke as I knew he would have some good guidance for us in the matter of swell and spots to surf. He was so stoked on the idea of a surf trip. He rearranged his work schedule with JAM traction to get him and Gony (co-owners of JAM traction) to drive 4 hours with us back to his home in Sagres. The most southwestern tip of portugal. One of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Europe. It did not disappoint."

Like we said, keep an eye on Tanner, he's doing stuff.

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