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Last week Kelly Slater showed up in Bali just in time for a pumping swell at Padang Padang. With so many international travel restrictions in place, the 11-time World Champ was able to put the pieces together and join some of his longtime Indonesian friends in the water for a memorable run of waves.

Surfer Magazine's newest installment of their "Amp Sessions" series showcases Slater's recent performances in the emerald Indo waters. The edit is highlighted by a double barrel that 48-year-old Slater and Bali icon Betet Merta share at Padang Padang.

As double barrel rides go, it's one of the best we've seen in a long time. instinctually setting their lines for the long, running tube, Slater takes the low road while Merta goes high. At the end of the barrel their rails are mere inches from one another, illustrating the control and precision that both surfers posses.

Slater and old friend Rizal Tanjung also thread the needle together on a sick on. All told, Slater's surfing looks loose, relaxed and like he's having a ball ... pumping swells in Bali tend to do that to people.

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