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Editor's Note: This explainer was provided by Stab Magazine. Click here to watch the event starting at 6:00pm Pacific on September 17th.

What is Surf100?

Surf 100 is a waveriding exposition that takes place over a single, 100-minute period and is judged live, at a later date, by the internet. All of this is done following social distancing guidelines.

In this edition, West Oz mainstays Jack Robinson, Jay Davies, Jacob Willcox, and Kael Walsh will paddle out for a 100-minute waveriding demonstration at North Point. While negotiating a typical North Point crowd, the surfers can ride as many waves as they want in the 100-minute session.

Each wave will be scored by the audience out of 100 points apiece. The surfer with the best two-wave total, according to the internet, wins.

When is Surf100?

Surf100 will be broadcast live.

  • 6pm, Thursday September 17, California (PST)
  • 11am, Friday September 18, QLD/NSW/VIC (AEST)
  • 9 am, Friday September 18, West Oz (AWST)

The event can be purchased and watched live here for an early-bird price of $9.99 USD, or a gameday price of $14.99 USD.

More about the surfers:

Jack Robinson: When Jack Robinson claimed a win at the 2019 Vans World Cup of Surfing and qualified for the 2020 CT he was just 22. His youth has sometimes been overlooked, understandably given that he had been in the surfing spotlight for almost a decade already. Back in 2011 Robinson emerged as the best 12-year-old surfer on the planet. The clips then showed a tiny grom with a shock of blond hair not only navigating some of Western Australia's heaviest tubes, but navigating them with a relaxed poise and calm assurance. That assurance has only grown in the intervening years. His performances at Pipeline, Teahupoo, North Point and Gnaraloo, to name a few of the world's heaviest slabs, has seen him gain a reputation as a once-in-a-generation talent in waves of consequence.

Jay Davies: A strong, powerful surfer born and raised in the rugged Western Australian waters. With waves like The Box right in his backyard, he's a master of slabs and unafraid to huck himself over the ledge and tempt unforgiving barrels. And while his reputation in waves of consequence precedes him, he's an extremely talented surfer in any and all conditions. And with his good nature and relaxed approach, it's always a treat to see him in the water.

Jacob Wilcox: Hailing from Margaret River, Jacob Wilcox first turned heads when he was 16, upsetting Kelly Slater and Kolohe Andino in the opening round of the 2013 Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Last year he got wildcards into three CT events, making it as far as the Quarterfinals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. When he's hot, he's hard to beat, and throw him out in the water for a 100 minutes with his pick of the waves and he's going to be extremely dangerous.

Kael Walsh: Raised in Yallingup, Australia, home of former Championship Tour sensation Taj Burrow, Kael Walsh is pretty much fearless when the surf starts flexing. Like the other surfers on this list, he is not afraid of pushing himself on harrowing, slab waves. He recently dropped an edit entitled "Soft Serve" with friend Wade Carroll. It's hardly soft. Walsh's surfing in the video, and pretty much anywhere he paddles out, is tough as nails.

Who's running the show?

The show will be anchored by the no holds-barred team of analysts and thought leaders, Dane Reynolds, Selema Masekela, and Yadin Nicol.

How to score:

In Surf100, clips are scored out of 100 points (whole numbers only, no decimals).

A decent wave might be worth 50 points, a solid wave is 70, and a barn-burner could be 90.

For a surfer to earn 100 points on a clip, they better put your goddamn chin on the linoleum.

Oh, and the "best" judge of the event will win a three-board quiver (shaper to be announced later).

Here's how you win:

Step 1: Score every wave as closely as possible to our head critic, Michael Ciaramella.

...That's it.

The person whose scores (on average) are closest to MC's wins the ...Lost Surfboard quiver. It's a completely arbitrary performance metric, sure, but with free surfboards on the line and no collateral required, are you really in a position to argue?

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