- WSL / Laurent Masurel

That is not the way we imagined Day 3 to go down. Plan was simple: two rounds of men, potentially women's Quarters, and a short and intense finals day tomorrow in pumping surf.

Instead the first 6 hours of the day were absolutely plagued by a thick fog layer through which you couldn't see a building, let alone a couple colored dots in a lineup.

From the first call at 8:30am, only 3 heats were completed by the time 2:30pm came around. Luckily the sun warmed everything up and the humidity finally dissolved to give us a sunny afternoon and few normal heats before the tide came in and wrecked things again.

Despite conditions being slightly slower than the previous couple of days, a few good waves still rolled around and most of the top seeds surfed their way into Round 3, with good performances from the likes of Paolo Giorgi, Tim Elter, Joaquim Chaves, Louis Tabere Allamelou and Nestor Garcia, check out our social networks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the videos!

One of these seems to receive more acclaim, we've decided to compare Dean Vandewalle's 9.60 combo from yesterday with two-time World Champ John John Florence at J-Bay, we'd like to hear what you think!

Full results from today's men's round 2 can be accessed here. The next call will be at 9am BST / 4am ET / 1am PT at Praia da Baia tomorrow Friday for the events' Finals.

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