Leonardo Fioravanti doesn't get to spend a lot of time at home in Italy these days. Growing up surfing the country's wind-swell beachbreaks, for the last decade he's spent more time on the road than the Roman Legion. And when he is back in Europe, he's stationed himself on the surf-rich coasts of France and Portugal.

But recently, the 22-year-old got the call to head back home for a bit of swell and to share a pizza or two with friends and family. Sharing his experiences in his newest YouTube video, Fioravanti makes a strong case for living the Italian surf life.

While at home in Italy, Fioravanti gets in the water at Santa Marinella, where he learned to surf at seven years old. The waves are windy and the currents strong, but in testament to his talent, among the scattered peaks he finds ramps to play with. And couple days into the trip the swell they were waiting for finally materializes and being the ambassador of stoke that he is, Fioravanti proves that, yes, there is surf in Italy.

After a good run of waves he joins family and friends as they partake in the age old tradition in Italy of breaking break together. Just watching it is enough to make you hungry. And if Leo ever gets bored surfing, his homemade pizzas look amazing.

Three Hits From Leo Fioravanti's Return to Italy
The Italian puts a little extra marinara on that last air revo.
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