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The mid-2000s were a special time in surfing. The Andy v. Kelly rivalry was hot, boards were two-to-four inches longer, sunglass trends were awesome, and spectators always seemed to have a Fosters oil can in their hands.

But one of the most exciting parts of it all was when the Tour returned to Lowers in early September. Consistent fall swells rolled into Southern California, and the world's best battled it out, year after year at the famous cobblestone point.

This week we bring to you the 2006 Boost Mobile Pro Trestles, which was one of the best years of competitive surfing, especially at Lowers. Here are our top three reasons to tune in:

2006 Boost Mobile Pro Trestles
After knocking off the 2006 World Champion Kelly Slater in classic Lowers surf, Bede Durbidge notched his first career event win.

Australian Bede Durbidge Upset Kelly Slater

After joining the Championship Tour just a year prior, Durbidge secured his first-ever event win over Kelly Slater, who was on his way to an 8th World Title. This was one of three events Bede won in his 13-year career.

Just like the 2005 Final, Slater was left chasing a 9.00 ride in the dying minutes. However, this year Bede would prove victorious for one of the most memorable upsets in Trestles history.

Bede Durbridge Bede Durbridge provided one of the most memorable upsets in Trestles history - WSL / Sean Rowland

Title Race Pressure

Slater had kicked off the season with two event wins in Australia, then his streak was sapped when rival Andy Irons won the Rip Curl Search in Mexico. Slater needed to win at Trestles to keep a comfortable lead over Irons heading into France, where he hoped to secure his 8th World TItle.

Despite losing at Trestles, Slater went on to secure his Title in Mundaka. And at the end of the season, Andy Irons went on to win his fourth and final Pipe Masters.

Because It's Trestles... And It Was Pumping

In 2006, a solid swell graced Orange County for the event window which kicked off on September 12th. Lowers saw overhead perfection with favorable winds and the surfers put on a performance to remember with World Title pressure at the forefront.

Dive into all the action from the 2006 Boost Mobile Pro and all of the other historic events on The Vault.

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