Australia's Sunshine Coast is a subtropical smorgasbord just as likely to dish out perfect point surf as a three-month flat spell, and that means the locals aren't as wedded to one style of craft over another.

The whole "ride anything" movement has been in full swing for a while now -- helped along in no small part by surfers like Joel Tudor or Ryan Burch. But on the Sunshine Coast, that's been par for the course for years -- just ask logger Harrison Roach.

Championship Tour surfer and Coolum local Julian Wilson is a another example. He's one of the most progressive shortboarders, ever. But he also grew up surfing a log as well, as that's certainly lent some influence to his style, which is a mixture of grace punctuated by explosive manoeuvres.

Another Sunshine Coast local with a love of many different surf craft is Landen Smales. At just thirteen years old, he's already a vintage board connoisseur, and also shredding on finely-turned performance craft.

He's just as likely to be found on a Pyzel Ghost as he is clocking some serious tip time on a log at Noosa's famed National Park point breaks, all of which is nicely documented in this new edit from Landen and Sunshine Coast filmer Ella Tubman.

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