- WSL / Kelly Cestari

In the newest release of Sound Waves: Mic'd Up, Filipe Toledo opens up about the challenge of being the best, as both a father and professional surfer. Through his illustrious career on tour, Filipe has come in striking distance of a World Title two years in a row and the journey hasn't been easy.

At 25 years old, Filipe has spent seven years on the Championship Tour and is the father of two beautiful children, Mahina and Koa Toledo.

"Being 100 percent parent when I am home and 100 percent professional surfer when I am away, that is one really hard thing to do," said Filipe. "These are probably the biggest things that I am trying to get better at."

Filipe shared that he has struggled with staying positive and managing the pressure of competing. With the extra time at home, he has been dialing his mental game saying, "I have more time to be happy with my family and do what I have to do, everything else doesn't really matter."

And it seems to be working. Filipe brought his A-game to the Rumble at the Ranch specialty event in Lemoore, California. With the help of his teammate Coco Ho, the two defeated duo Kanoa Igarashi and Tatiana Weston-Webb in the Finals, taking home the win. Take a look further behind the scenes by watching the full episode:

World Title Dreams And Fatherhood Goals With Filipe Toledo
Experience all the sights and sounds of what life is really like on tour for a father of two and get an unfiltered look at his struggle to balance the responsibilities of a family with the quest to win a World Title.
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