Less than a month out from the Billabong Pipe Masters and the start of the men's Championship Tour and some of the boys are already showing up on the North Shore and getting down to work.

Among those eager to pull on the jersey are Griffin Colapinto and Jack Freestone, who just tippped their hand in the new "Cola Bros" edit. Featuring a one-hour session at Rocky Point with Griff's "new sparring partner," both surfers have clearly made good use of the abundant down time. Their rail game is razor sharp and their collective bag of tricks goes deep. They also appear to be in shape, fit and ready to go.

In the height department, Jack's got a couple inches on Griff and the side-by-side comparison in their respective styles is interesting to see in this edit. Jack's a big guy, strong and in full command as he goes through searing sequences of turns. Griff's got a lower center of gravity and gets properly coiled up on his bottom turns, leading to explosive off-the-top attacks. Both are in prime form, but if you were a judge, who would you give this heat to?

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