Kolohe Andino has been releasing a ton of footage recently and his latest YouTube drop illustrates just how comfortable he's been feeling at home lately. Being comfortable with oneself is part of the digging deep that it takes to make a run at a World Title, and with the WSL Finals coming to his backyard this September, he's clearly in his element at Lowers.

Set to a gentle, weathered country guitar, Kolohe can be seen blowing up on some late season south swell at Trestles. The song, "Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold" by the late, great Townes Van Zandt, is about a card game, and watching Kolohe's performance here I can't help but think he's sending a message to his fellow competitors, as if to say that he's bringing his best to the Tour this year and is comfortable letting the cards fall as they may -- maybe even nodding to the fact that he hasn't won a CT yet despite making five Finals.

What's crazy is that Kolohe could go winless this season and still find himself in position to the win the World Title given his local knowledge at Lowers. Look no further than the 2:13 mark of this new edit to see what he's capable of. Featuring Kolohe on a right, his attack on his forehand is precise, powerful and unrelenting. 

The linkage between maneuvers is worth paying attention to. Kolohe life-long connection with Lowers affords him the freedom to focus on combinations of super progressive turns, airs and other maneuvers. And be sure to watch the clip the whole way through, Kolohe's last air is a serious hammer!

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