- WSL / Steve Sherman

Seems legendary musician and passionate surfer Eddie Vedder is something of a tube hound. According to a recent post, the Pearl Jam frontman has been covered up at the ranch about as many times as he's covered Neil Young's 'Rockin in the Free World', which is over one hundred.

But that shouldn't really come as a surprise. Vedder -- who was ranked number seven on a Rolling Stone list of greatest lead singers of all time -- is also a long-time card-carrying passionate surfer, who counts the likes of 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater and big-wave pioneer Hamilton as friends.

This wasn't Eddie's first session at the ranch, and you can bet the familiarity with the wave has paid off. It's also the latest note in a friendship between Vedder and Slater (the mastermind behind the wave at The Ranch) which has included some epic surf sessions as well a performing together on stage.

So whether it's surfers who rock, or rockers who surf, the shared stoke is something we can all understand.

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