From Christmas through the end of January, California enjoyed a run of surf that's pretty much as good as it gets in the Golden State. Swell after swell lit up everywhere from Santa Cruz to San Clemente. But the run came to a grinding halt in February and there hasn't been much over chest-high since.

But Kolohe Andino, Griffin Colapinto and his brother Crosby have long understood that success isn't just predicated on how one performs when the surf is pumping, but how they perform in sub-par conditions.

Heading a few clicks north of San Clemente, the boys have settled into a routine at Dana Point's Salt Creek that finds them sharpening their small-wave grovel skills -- which based on the footage, appears razor sharp at the moment. With the Championship Tour picking back up at Newcastle in a month, big or small, swell or no swell, clearly they'll be ready for whatever the ocean throws at them.

And for all you Fantasy Surfer players out there, consider yourself warned.

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